i’m just aware that there are people on tumblr who will appreciate this


my hopes for season two of orange is the new black:

  • less piper
  • more everyone else




Now that I’ve had a few minutes to digest that scene…

I’m actually really, really angry.

It’s not just because Jaime is my favorite character, but because Jaime is (per the books) one of the few men in this series who respects women.

Jaime, who wanted to protect Rhaella…



Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey - Part 5

i have just found my favorite gif series of all time. look at this beauty. 

"When I meet other women who are Mad Men fans, I’m like, I know why we are. Because I really, truly believe that it is the only show, or the main show—that I have seen, anyways—um, that most accurately depicts how sexism is NOW. People always talk about it, like ‘Oh, can you believe it was like that back then?’ I’m like, Any woman who is remotely aware of what is going on right now, knows that it is just as bad now, it’s just that it’s not okay to talk about it. You could never make this show set in present day because people would be like, ‘Ugh, they just bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch’. But like in the ’60s, you can make that and they’re like, ‘Oh yes, mmhmm.’"

Lane Moore on LadyTV Episode 7

"It was just awful back then, wasn’t it, ladies-who-still-make-less-money-than-men-and-get-treated-like-shit-all-the-time?"

-Dana Piccoli

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